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Hot Beds Now Open: Located in 715 Hot Heads in the Historic River Inn

Check Out Hot Beds Now Open

You have all heard of 715 Hot Heads the sensational beauty salon located in the Historic River Inn. Of course you have, they’ve been fulfilling all your glamour needs since 2008. Then it should come as no surprise that they have recently added another string to their repertoire of beauty services.
Say hello to Hot Beds, a 24-hour tanning salon. Now you can truly get your glow on and leave with the upmost confidence that you are a gorgeous individual. Hot Beds gives you the same great feeling you get from 715 Hot Heads but allows you to do it at your convenience.
As many of you know 715 Hot Heads owner Lauren Carlson firmly believes that beauty comes from the inside and her goal is to help you realize you are truly fabulous. She has taken that same outlook to tanning. Not only will you feel that you are in the most opulent private rooms in Fergus Falls; but with the state-of-the-art tanning beds you will know you are getting the best possible tan. For guests’ convenience Hot Beds has both lay down and stand-up tanning beds.  
And if you thought it couldn’t get any better. If you act fast you can purchase an unlimited tanning package for only $85 per month, whether you want to purchase just a single month or an entire year you will receive this introductory price. The offer runs until the end of April.
Hot Beds is now open for tanning package purchases, but keep your eyes peeled for their grand opening community celebration; along with more exciting news heading your way from the fabulous stylings of 715 Hot Heads and now Hot Beds. Located at Historic River in 133 South Mill Street, Suite 2 (lower level), Fergus Falls, MN, 56537.
Come get your glow on, you know you deserve it. Treat yourself and “Do it with the lights on.”


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